Here's Just A Few Of Customer Testimonial Manager's Amazing Features...

For the first time ever, an elegant, yet sophisticated system to help you systematically collect testimonials and share them with the correct social media sites that matter most to YOUR business.
Stop having your testimonials left up to chance, take control and DRIVE your customers to exactly the right place at exactly the right time! Here’s a list of the many exclusive features that were impossible or extremely tedious to do until now.

Get Your Business Recognized

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By integrating social media into our feedback system, spreading the word about your business becomes a simple point and click task for your customer. You can direct them to a configurable list of social networks, so their feedback gets posted where it will benefit you the most.

Automate Testimonial Collection

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Stop haphazardly collecting your customers’ feedback. With this system you’ll have a systematized and organized way to ask for feedback and use it for your businesses maximum benefit. You’ll see a higher number of testimonials and get them automatically day in and day out 24/7.

There Are Few Things More Powerful Than Social Proof When It Comes To Marketing Your Business!

Nothing out there can help you organize and manage your customers’ testimonials like this system can. Read on to see more powerful features that come with this system.

Uses A 'Smart'System

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Our system is designed that if someone gives you below a 3 star rating, it will NOT prompt them to publish their feedback on social media. Obviously we do not want to promote potentially negative reviews. Our Customer Testimonial Manager instantly sends an e-mail as soon as any review is submitted. You’ll then be prompted to either publish the review or not.

Instantly Publish To Your Website

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With a simple click of a mouse you can approve any submitted feedback and it will instantly show up on your website. As you know Google loves fresh content on your website, and your customers’ testimonials are no exception giving you the added benefit of an SEO boost.

Customizable Feedback Process

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You can decide how your customers move through the feedback process: Option one is a fixed process where after a submitting a form they’re walked through posting to each social network one at a time. Option two is to present them with a single page where all of the possible choices are listed and then let them decide which networks to publish to.

Automated Rewards

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Dangling a carrot to get your customers to do what you want them to do is a great way to add an extra incentive. Our system completely automates the process so they are rewarded after they’ve provided a testimonial.

Star Rating System

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Keeping with what’s popular right now on the web with Google and other review sites, we’ve integrated the five star rating system into our plugin. This allows people to provide feedback in a way that’s familiar to them. This has the added benefit of showing up on search engine results independently.

Leverage The Power Of Multiple Postings

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See how posting your customers’ testimonials to multiple sites, including your own, exponentially increases the visibility or your business.


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We offer free support and high quality training videos to walk to through each step of setting up this system. You’ll never be in the dark, or out in the cold.

Free Updates For Life!

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Updates will be regularly made available as we add new functionality.

Because we believe in supporting this community as well, as ideas come in for more features, we’ll add them and everyone will benefit.

It’s truly a win/win/win for everyone that uses the Customer Testimonial Manager system.

Get The Only System That Can Truly Leverage The Power Of Your Customers' Testimonials!