Q: Do I need to have Infusionsoft for this to work?

A: No! You can use this plugin without Infusionsoft. However you will loose the ability to automatically follow up and thank people that give you feedback.

Q: Do I need to have my website on WordPress?

A: Yes! This is a plugin designed for the WordPress website content management system. Right now we have no plans to develop for any other platforms, so your website MUST be running WordPress.

Q: Can’t I do the same thing with Infusionsoft by itself?

A: Nope. Infusionsoft doesn’t integrate with your website the way the Customer Testimonial System does, it’s not designed to. This system is built from the ground up to do one thing and do it well, collect testimonials from your customers and post them on your website and relevant social media outlets.

Q: Do I Need To Use Social Media For This To Work?

A: No! This system will work just fine without adding the Social Media part. You can still collect testimonials from your customers, have them instantly published to your website, and reward them afterward, all automatically.

Q: I’m new to Infusionsoft, will I be able to use this system?

A: Infusionsoft has become pretty easy to use, and it’s getting easier every day. The Customer Testimonial Manager is even easier still. It was designed from the ground up to be easy and flexible.

Q: What are the limits on this system?

A: Currently, Customer Testimonial Manager has no limit on the number of testimonials it can handle. Technologically, the only limits would be from your Infusionsoft app, which has limits on the number of contacts you can have depending on your subscription.

Q: I think Bob Britton is a genius, how do I learn more from this guy?

A: Well thank you. You can learn more about Bob and his various endeavors at http://marketingautomationgroup.com